Pulling into the Hayfork Bally lookout, among a jack rabbit crossing the road, mountains for miles, tons of greenery and wind blowing, on a day Annelle Durham, the fire lookout is working, her truck is stationed for the work week with a cut-up water bottle hanging off her open hood and a piece of reflective plastic cut in the shape of a face hanging off the bottom. All to scare away Durham’s only real worry and nemesis while on the job, the ground squirrels.

Apart from thick smoke in the air when there’s fires, ground squirrels chewing at her truck’s soy-filled components are one of the few worries Durham ever has to think about while working.

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Nice article, thank you. I'd like to request the Trinity Journal use higher-resolution photos in its articles. The ones that appear are quite grainy, like you'd find on the web in the 1990s.

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