Dan Dill

Ranger Dan Dill worked closely with the Trinity County Collaborative Group

In memory of Mad River District Ranger Daniel Dill who died in September following a brief illness, the Trinity County Board of Supervisors passed a proclamation as one of its final acts of 2019 honoring the man for his service to the people of Trinity County.

Specifically, the board’s resolution cited Ranger Dan Dill’s work with the Trinity County Collaborative Group as the Mad River District Ranger on the Six Rivers National Forest, recognizing his leadership and skill in collaborative conservation. It went on to create the “Dan Dill Collaborative Conservation Award” to be presented to individuals or groups that emulate the vision and mission of the Trinity County Collaborative in the future, presenting the first such award posthumously to Dan Dill.

The Collaborative was formed in 2012 by the Trinity County Board of Supervisors as a joint effort between county citizens, organizations, businesses, government and federal land management agencies to work in partnership on natural resource, land management and economic development approaches.

It is the vision of the Collaborative to be an inclusive and successful advisory group that supports “safe and vibrant communities, thriving economies and ecological resilience through sustainable resource use and stewardship practices.”

The stated mission of the Collaborative “is to create and recommend for implementation, natural resources, land management and economic development strategies driven by local values and goals that: 1) acknowledge the interrelation between community, economy and ecology; 2) provide solutions for sustainable and resilient economic and ecological practices and projects; 3) foster a culture of stewardship; 4) improve our community, economy and ecology; 5) create a better place for future generations.”

The county board’s resolution noted that Ranger Dill enthusiastically embraced both the vision and mission of the Collaborative through his leadership, embedding “the spirit of collaboration in the culture of the Mad River Ranger District” where he was loved by staff; that he was effective in translating complex ideas of the Collaborative into reality on the ground; and that his “bigger than life” personality conveyed confidence and a willingness to be the first to try something new.

Many of the Collaborative members were present at the board’s Dec. 17 meeting for the passage and reading of the proclamation. A member of the Collaborative’s facilitation team, Patrick Frost, said “everybody is here. He will be sorely missed, but the Collaborative is dedicated to the path he helped lead us to. A lot of work coalesced around the energy and background Dan brought to us. He kept the public in the meaning of ‘public servant.’ He will be missed.”

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