Shortly after receiving word that Trinity County had its fourth confirmed case of COVID-19 in Hayfork, a fifth was confirmed in the Weaverville area. On Tuesday, July 28, Trinity County Health and Human Services released that it had confirmed a fourth case in the Hayfork area and by Thursday, another was confirmed to live in the outskirts of Weaverville.

According to the Public Health Branch, a surveillance and control team is investigating to determine who has had contact with the latest confirmed case and identify possibly exposed persons.

“Contact tracing is dependent on the accuracy of information provided by an individual testing positive and it can be challenging to identify all areas of a community that an individual may have visited and whether or not a face covering was worn,” the DHHS release states.

Meanwhile, Trinity Alps Unified school District plans to open its public schools on Aug. 17. And most businesses remain open to the public, with some restrictions.

Last county infected

As of this week, every single county in California has confirmed COVID-19 cases, with Modoc County reporting its first two this week.

According to Johns Hopkins University, these are the numbers of cases in counties around Trinity as of Aug. 3, compared to last week.

Trinity County now has 5 confirmed cases of COVID-19, up 2 from last week.

Humboldt County now has 233 confirmed cases, up 28 from last week, with 4 deaths.

Tehama County has 234 confirmed cases, up 100 from last week, with 1 death.

Siskiyou County has 73 confirmed cases, up 9 from last week, with zero deaths.

Del Norte County has 88 confirmed cases up 1 from last week, with zero deaths.

Mendocino County has 317 confirmed cases, up 60 from last week, with 9 deaths, up 3 from last week

Glenn County has 325 confirmed cases, up 60 from last week, with 1 death.

Shasta County has 369 confirmed cases, up 78 from last week, with 9 deaths, up 1 from last week.

Butte County has 941 confirmed cases, up 183 from last week, with 7 deaths, up 2 from last week.

Colusa County has 323 confirmed cases, up 63 from last week with 4 deaths, up 2 from last week.

Lake County has 195 confirmed cases, up 27 from last week, with 1 death.

Lassen County now has 631 confirmed cases, up 76 from last week with zero deaths.

Total: 3,736 confirmed cases, up 689 from last week; 36 deaths, up 8 from last week. The full map of known and active cases can be found at

State COVID numbers

The California Department of Public Health Tuesday afternoon announced the most recent statistics on COVID-19.

► The 7-day average number of new cases is 7,554 per day. The 7-day average from the week prior was 9,397. California has 519,427 confirmed cases to date.

Numbers may not represent true day-over-day change as reporting of test results can be delayed.

► There have been 8,305,713 tests conducted in California. This represents an increase of 121,017 over the prior 24-hour reporting period. As testing capacity continues to increase across the state, an increase in the number of positive cases has been expected – increasing the importance of positivity rates to find signs of community spread.

► As case numbers continue to rise in California, the total number of individuals who will have serious outcomes will also increase. There have been 9,501 COVID-19 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

► A total of 38 counties are required to close indoor operations for certain sectors based on the July 13 order to slow community transmission.

Data and tools

A wide range of data and analysis guides California’s response to COVID-19. The state is making the data and its analytical tools available to researchers, scientists and the public at

Popular links include:

► The Statewide COVID-19 Dashboard

► The California COVID-19 Assessment Tool (CalCAT)

► State Cases and Deaths Associated with COVID-19 by Age Group

► COVID-19 Race & Ethnicity Data

► COVID-19 Hospital Data, Case Statistics

► View additional datasets at the California Open Data Portal (Including: Testing Data, PPE Logistics Data, Hospital Data, Homeless Impact and more)

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

Each week, the California Department of Public Health updates the number of cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children reported in the state. As of Aug. 4, 29 cases of MIS-C have been reported statewide. To protect patient confidentiality in counties with fewer than 11 cases, state health officials are not providing total counts at this time.

MIS-C is a rare inflammatory condition associated with COVID-19 that can damage multiple organ systems. MIS-C can require hospitalization and be life threatening.

Parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms of MIS-C including fever that does not go away, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, neck pain, rash, bloodshot eyes or feeling tired.

Contact your child’s doctor immediately if your child has these symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment of patients is critical to preventing long-term complications.

Racial demographics

The California Department of Public Health is committed to health equity and collecting more detailed racial and ethnic data that will provide additional understanding for determining future action. Health outcomes are affected by forces including structural racism, poverty and the disproportionate prevalence of underlying conditions.

The differences in health outcomes related to COVID-19 are most stark in COVID-19 deaths. Officials have nearly complete data on race and ethnicity for COVID-19 deaths, and are seeing the following trends: Latinos, African Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are dying at disproportionately higher levels. More males are dying from COVID-19 than females, in line with national trends. More information is available at COVID-19 Race and Ethnicity Data.

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