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Lewiston Elementary School is moving forward in the completion of a formal Facilities Master Plan. As part of that process, the district will be hosting a combination Spaghetti Dinner and Planning Presentation on Wednesday, Feb. 1, starting at 4 p.m. to collect community input on the process.

Built in the late 1950s in conjunction with the construction of Trinity Dam, Lewiston Elementary has been making good progress on getting their fundamental facility components updated, starting in 2020 with the completion of a sewer line replacement and bathroom remodel. With assistance from the Trinity County Office of Education, the district continues to pursue funding for additional improvements, including a recent award of$ 350,000 for transitional kindergarten facilities.

“While we’re doing improvements from literally below-the ground up,” says District Supt. Mary Thoreson, joking about the sewer line, “we also want to be sure that we set a vision for the school and for the community. This master plan can bridge that gap.”

In the spring of 2022, the school publicly procured Cooperative Strategies, a firm that specializes in Facility Master Plan Development. “They have looked at everything,” says Thoreson, “and we’re now hoping to match that up with feedback from the community.”

The school has also been coordinating with the Lewiston Community Services District’s recent improvements to their infrastructure. “They’ve been great to work with and we’ve been super lucky on the timing lining up for our organizations,” said Thoreson.

The community meeting will start at 4 p.m. at the Lewiston Elementary School gym and will include a free spaghetti dinner for attendees. Community members are also encouraged to complete a survey. For additional information contact Liz Christensen at 530-778-3984 or echristensen@tcoek12.org.

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