Neil Diamond tribute

Neil Diamond tribute Oct. 23

Jack Powell will take to the stage Saturday night, Oct. 23, with Neil Diamond Night at the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center. Showtime is 7:30 p.m.; tickets are $25, either online at or at the door.

“At a time when my contemporaries might be slowing down, I am speeding up. Retired from Fortune 500 Corporate America, I tour the West Coast,” Powell said. “I have a RV motor home, traveling as far as Arizona performing shows during the winter months. I was born and raised in Oroville, lived in Redding, Calif.; Medford and Grants Pass, Ore.; and now home is in Spokane, Wash., so this is my home corridor.

“I was a rock band drummer in late ‘60s until my Vietnam number was called. Now 50-plus years later, traveling as a snow bird to the southwest winters, I was discovered at a resort talent night when I sang a couple Neil Diamond hits and it was suggested that I should form a full show. A few weeks later I promoted my first show to a sold-out crowd. I then knew I was on to something grand.

“Discovered that the real Neil Diamond had recently quit touring due to a Parkinson’s diagnosis, and there was nearly no one performing a Neil Diamond tribute; whereas there were hundreds of Elvis impersonators and country bands. The Neil Diamond demand was evident. Since then, I began to self- promote with mailings, full website, show posters, recorded five CDs and contracting shows.

“My show is a high-energy non-stop two hours, featuring trivia, factoids, jokes and even audience participation for a song or two. With more than 400 songs to Neil Diamond’s credit, 50 Top 10 hits, his songs have mass appeal reaching multi-generations of fans. His major hit ‘Sweet Caroline’ was adopted by the Boston Red Sox. ‘America’ is now recognized as being as patriotic as the national anthem. I close the show as this being the signature song.

“Neil Diamond’s songs are timeless and with messages that fits everyone’s life stories: from forever love, breakup, loneliness, despair, new-found love, comedy, spirituality and to even death.

“People want to hear the songs as they remember them and originally recorded. Some action songs make people want to get up dance or even sing along, and is encouraged. It is all about having a good time and enjoying the show.”

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