Fireworks over Weaverville Elementary School, 2017.

This past week’s hot weather is just getting everyone ready for this year’s 4th of July Celebration. Though the weekend weather forecast shows that it will be a bit cooler the Weaverville Lions say “this year’s 4th of July Celebration will be “HOT.” Come and enjoy the Lions 4th of July Celebration. Vendors will be open and the Lowden Park Pool will provide free swimming; there will be free train rides on the Western Express on Saturday and Sunday. The Lions will have “The Square” available for your credit and/or debit cards at several of the events — we’re trying to become more business savvy, so be patient with us.

The 4th of July Celebration will officially begin at 4 p.m. Friday, June 29, and you know it’s officially open when the Simmons family shows up at the Beer Booth and starts reminiscing about how many years they have “officially opened” the 4th of July celebration. Vendors will be set up and, yes, the Simmons say “2018 will be no exception — they will show up.” It was just learned that the Men’s Softball League will not be playing softball.

Friday, June 29

At 6:30 p.m., the Trinity Horse and Long Ears will be hosting a qualifier open barrel race. This event is sponsored by Diamond Productions who has the expertise in rodeo events. To participate there is an entry fee of $15 and this event is open to anyone with a horse that wants to run for a chance to compete under the lights at the Diamond Productions National Bullriding Champion on Saturday, June 30, and the winners win a buckle. Signups start at 5:30 p.m.; there are three age groups, 9 and under, 10- to 17-year-olds, and 18 and up and participants will get three runs and their times will be averaged. Come cheer for these barrel racers. At 8 p.m., enjoy the music of Trespass, dance, visit with friends and enjoy the evening as the Trinity cool breeze and darkness comes through the park. At the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center, the play “Mary Poppins” will start.

Saturday, June 30

Lions Pickleball Tournament: Lion John Knight will be heading up this tournament and he say the Pickleball group recently redid the tennis/pickleball courts and there are now three courts available. Show up at 8 a.m., there will be a mixed doubles blind-draw, first team to score 9 points wins the game. The team with the most games won will be the tournament champion and a special ceremony is planned for the winner (in the event of a tie, those teams will have a playoff). Since it’s early in the morning, the admission is to bring something to share: water or a snack (fruit, pastries, nuts, etc). To sign up email Denice Cody at or call her at 623-7125.

Lions Motorcross/BMX Race. The kids will be up early to come for this. Signups begin at 9 a.m. and the races start at 10. Remember the new location (don’t go to the North Gate), go to the area behind the softball field by the Cook Shack. This free event is for kids under the age of 12 and the rules are: bikes with either 20” or 16” tires, helmets are required, long pants and closed toe shoes suggested. Parents, bring a chair and enjoy the cool quietness of the morning. This is a free event for the kids and the winners in each category will be awarded first-place trophies. The Trinity Trail Alliance will be mapping out the course this year and Wes Scribner will be working on the track this week and he promises the mounts of dirt behind the softball field will be ready for a good race. Next year, Trinity Trail Alliance should have it “really ready” as this nonprofit organization has plans to build a bike trail in Lowden Park. TTA supports, promotes and builds trails in Trinity County and just hosted the LaGrange Classic.

Chess Demonstrations: New this year is a chess demonstration and Lion Rex Murphy is in charge. If you like chess and/or want to learn, show up.

Lions Cribbage Tournament: This well-attended event is another favorite of the weekend and the bragging rights are worth the fee to play, spectating is free and there are prizes for winners. Keith Johnson has run this tournament for years.

At 2 p.m., Diamond Productions will host a “Valve Cover Races.” Not sure what all this entails, so you better show up and watch the event. Arm wrestling and men’s softball tournament will not be held this year.

Wear your Red and White and come run with the Pack. THS Alumni Day in the Park continues to grow each year. This free event encourages alumni, teachers, family and friends to come to the park to “Run with the Pack.” This popular event reconnects local alumni with alumni that have travel to Weaverville for the 4th. It’s also a time for teachers to see their students and family and friends get back together. Alumni Richard Morris will play the school song on his trumpet, everyone will sing, cheer and possibly have a beer. The inductees for the THS Hall of Fame will be announced. Bring a chair and be ready to reminisce. Rumor is those THS alumni that reside at the Trinity Convalescent Home might be showing up. Not sure which THS classes are having class reunions this year, but there always seem to be a class reunion for two and they tend to show up for Alumni Day in the Park. It’s a fun time!

The Rotary & Lions Golf Ball Drop is back and both clubs have been busy selling tickets. The helicopter will arrive about 4 p.m. to begin dropping golf balls. There’s money to be won and there will be tickets sold during Alumni Day in the Park.

By now you will smell the delicious smell of meat cooking — follow your nose to the Lions BBQ Tri-Tip and Chicken Dinner. This popular event (started by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church) has now become a Lions event and the Lions are following HTLC’s lead — the same delicious menu and your meal is served on “real” plates and no plastic silverware is used. You will not be disappointed and your belly will be full. The play “Mary Poppins” will be at 2 and 7 p.m. at TAPAC.

From there, you can wander over to Diamond Productions National Bullriding Championship. As their ad says “you won’t be disappointed.” There is a pre-rodeo event, the show and then a dance featuring a live band. Event also includes Metal Mulisha, and the crowning of the Queen and Princess.

Sunday, July 1

Lions Family Day in the Park. With Sunday being the third day of the celebration and a day of rest, the Lions wanted to focus on family and just enjoying Lowden Park. If you haven’t been to the park lately, it is beautiful and there is so much to offer. If you felt you’ve spent too much money on Friday and Saturday, you just want to relax, then pack up the family, bring some chairs and just enjoy Lowden Park. The events planned for Sunday are Lion Jim French will have his bullhorn to begin Kid’s Day where the kids will compete in old-fashioned games. Lion Bettina Blackwell (Tina Adrian) will be bringing many of her grandkids and she tells them stories of when she competed as a kid. Winners will receive money as prizes. Bring a bathing suit and towel — the Lions are offering free swimming at the pool — not for just the kids, but for the whole family. The Weaverville Volunteer Fire Department is hosting a Fireman’s Muster — they will let you try it, too. If you like to get wet, this is another place to be (especially since it’ll be hot). Todd Canfield will provide more free games for the kids with more prizes.

From all Trinity County School, most local kids know about the TCOE STEAM Challenge — Tim Nordstrom and TCOE STEAM Team will have some tables set up for those that want that challenge. Tim says there will be two STEAM project and also the Bottle Rockets. If you’ve never seen a bottle rocket launched, you need to come watch and/or try it out. It is amazing to see how high these rockets can go!

At 6 p.m., Trinity County Deputy Sheriff Nate Trujillo and others will provide K-9 Demonstrations — come see these amazing dogs perform. This year, the K-9 event will be in the Rodeo Arena.

For those that play horseshoes, sign up for the Lions Horseshoe Tournament is in the morning and will go throughout the day at the Horseshoe Pits. There is a fee to play horseshoes and the winners will receive a trophy and more bragging rights. To help with the heat, there will be a beer booth set up by the pits. The evening will settle down with some more good music, this time by the Trinity Blues Shakers, another great band to listen and dance, too. If you like Corn Hole, there might be a few of those on the Lawn Area. There will be vendors and concessionaires in the park for food and drinks so you will need to bring some money for that. Again, there will not be a women’s softball tournament either. The play “Mary Poppins” will be at 2 p.m. at TAPAC.

Monday, July 2

This is turning out to be a day of rest for both you and the Lions Club. Since there is no softball, there will be no softball championship, so it will be pretty quiet in the park. The Lions will definitely resting to get ready for Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 3

Be ready for another Lions Destruction Derby and mud races. This loud, crashing popular event will start at 6 p.m. Ticket sales will begin at 3 p.m. The derby cars will be better built this year and Donny Case, who drives his derby car all over the North State “says this will be a show you will not want to miss.” Unfortunately, there is not a Derby Car raffle this year. Remember if you want to run in the mud race you must wear closed toe shoes. There are money prizes for first, second and third place. After the D-Derby, you will have time to grab something to eat and drink before you find your place to sit for the Weaverville Chamber of Commerce’s amazing Fireworks Show. Sit at the park, sit along the streets or sit at Weaverville Elementary School and enjoy the show and music. The evening will be capped off with more music. The local band Moonshine will play their music to end the evening.

Wednesday, July 4

Wake up to the sound of the Lions Anvil Firing and know it is time to return to the park for the Lions Pancake Breakfast. The Clampers, the Weaverville Fire Department and the Lions have been up for hours making the coffee and getting the breakfast meal ready to cook. Remember to bring your “Button” so your breakfast is free. If you forget, for $6 you can purchase a breakfast so you won’t go hungry.

Run in the 4th of July Run at the high school. Downtown, enjoy the Ice Cream Social, the Arts and Craft Fair; The Community Band will play at 9 a.m. and the Community Choir will start singing at 10 a.m. (it was printed incorrectly on the 4th of July Flier) at the Arts and Crafts Fair at the Highland Art Center meadow. You will be able to “ring your bell” at the Bell Ringing at 10:45 a.m. before the Rotary Parade begins at 11:30. The last event of the day will be the Open House and barbecue at the Weaverville Volunteer Fire Department where the hard-working firemen and women will host an Open House and BBQ. These men and women keep us safe during fires and emergencies. Stop by the Fire House to see their station and the Fire Museum.

All weekend at Lowden Park there will be free train rides by Western Express Train. If you’re hungry and/or thirsty there will be many vendors and concessionaires available.

Downtown the Museum and Joss House will be open. Remember to visit and support our businesses downtown. The play, “Mary Poppins,” will have many performances. Check out the 4th of July Schedule to see when and where you need to be during this “hot” celebration.

As a reminder, no glass bottles are allowed in Lowden Park. Dispose of your litter properly. Both the Lions and Diamond Productions will be selling alcohol, so leave yours at home. Animals must be on a leash, but better yet, leave them home and let them enjoy their house while you enjoy the park. Dogs will not be allowed in the Destruction Derby (unless they are wearing service identification). All vehicles for the Destruction Derby must enter through the North Gate and must be parked in that parking area, only emergency vehicles will be allowed through the South Gate unless you have permission from Gene Goodyear and/or Patty Hymas.

Keep your pets inside during the fireworks. If you smoke be mindful of those around you. If you drink, drink responsibly. The Lions Club wants everyone to have the “hot” and safe 4th of July.

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