The monthly Weaverville Art Cruise will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 5. Local galleries will have new showings displayed; local businesses will provide a venue for artists to showcase their work. Refreshments are served at many locations.

New venues this month:

JUICE GARDEN welcomes Art Cruise participants to enjoy a different aspect of art. They have a spectacular garden in the back that is a collection of living and consumptive beauty. Many artists have added sculpture and painted rocks. Delight in the sun-catchers tree created by the County Library’s “Wee Chicks” program of children 5 years and under. Relax, have a glass of juice and listen to an array of music. And, make sure that you find the art-ichokes in the garden to win a treat from Poker Bar Farms.

POUR OVER COFFEE, CAFÉ & GALLERY: Original paintings from Jess Alice, Alexis Johansing, D.M. Johansing and Misty Campbell. Enjoy quality organic coffee, scratch-made beverages and baked goods. Seasonal, local and organic whenever possible. Formerly the LunchBox, the Pour Over has revamped the space to include cozy areas to unwind and  “Pour over Life, Pour over Art, Pour over Coffee.”

Participating galleries and businesses, from north to south, include:

MAIN STREET GALLERY: An exhibition by the artists of PAAINT, an acronym for Plein Air Artists in Nature’s Theatre. The artists have all been painting at favorite locations close to their homes and studios. The resultant exhibition, entitled Close to Home, will embrace the visual diversity of both Northern and Southern California. The featured artists are Dorothy Orr, Pam Shelley and Susan Lewis of Ventura County, Calif., and Evelyn Ward and Melanie Hirdler of Trinity County. Their works will include watercolor and aqua media paintings and graphite drawings of the inspiring landscapes they have found Close to Home.

These artists found simple treasures to experience and share as they ventured down the road, around the corner or over the rise. They also share a love for painting En Plein Air — in the open air. Evelyn Mercer Ward expresses it this way, “I paint from my passion for this paradise on earth that I live in, the Trinity Alps, the Trinity River, the wilderness. Watercolor, when married to landscape, speaks to me in the language of the spirit.”

OLSON STONEWARE: Featuring new designs in wheel-thrown pottery by Greg Olson, jewelry and many wonderful toys.

REAL TRANQUILITY: Featuring Painter Misty Campbell, an impressionist artist who uses oil and acrylic paint to bring life to canvas, rocks, mixed media paper and the occasional piece of wood. She will be exhibiting  paintings that demonstrate vivid imagination, a little whimsy and the influences of Utah and Trinity County.

TRINITY COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Encore! Trek into the Trinity Alps through photographs from numerous contributors who have experienced the breathtaking vistas, dipped a toe in one of many lakes or hiked local trails.

SWEET SHEEP: Will be open and demonstrating the many things that you can do with yarn: make toys with yarn, Amigurumi, knit, crochet. So many cozy ways to Celebrate Sheep.

GOLD RUSH JEWELRY: Featuring the birthstone for August; Peridot is said to host magical powers and healing properties to protect against nightmares and to bring the wearer power, influence and a wonderful year.

MEZO ZOICA: MezoZoica Gallery at 555-C Main St. will be showing art by resident artist Risë Mezo as well as antique chromo lithographs and artisan jewelry.

THE HAPPY SALMON GALLERY: New works by artist SuZan LaBerteaux will be on display at the Happy Salmon Gallery through August. The show entitled “Plant Spirit Dream Journey” will take you to the realm of the plant spirits. The gallery is located at 140 S. Miner, Weaverville. For more information call 623-2244.

UMPQUA BANK: Welcomes the organization S.K.A.T.E. which is raising funds to build a skateboard park. S.K.A.T.E. had an art contest for its shirt design and will have pictures of all the entries, and the shirts with the final selection.

HIGHLAND ART CENTER: Northern Trinity County Landscapes by Olive Schroder. Educated at Carnegie Mellon, Olive received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Painting and Design then went on to attend Cal Poly Pomona to earn a master’s degree in Architecture. The emphasis her education placed on drawing as the underlying foundation of art has provided direction throughout her current exploration of landscapes. Her charcoal and pencil drawings are filled with movement, emotion and depth. Her “en plein air” watercolors also exude the calm, clean simplicity you would expect from an accomplished architectural render without losing their emotive quality. At the 2016 Highland Art Center Juried Art show she received high recognition as the recipient of the Award of Excellence in the painting category, and also received honorable mention in the pastel and drawing bracket.

Join the center during the Art Cruise for an opening reception with the artist. Her exhibit will be on display throughout the month during normal business hours, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For more information call 623-5111.

Live Music during Cruise

Highland Art Center: Alexis Johansing. With vocal training in jazz and blues, she taught herself how to play harmonium after a Krishna Das workshop in 2008. What began as Kirtan and singing meditation evolved into original songs, later to move into arrangements on guitar and keyboard.  

Angela’s Deck: Steven James, a singer-songwriter who was discovered at an “Open Mic” and will be a senior at Trinity High School this year.

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