The Chagdud Gonpa Rigdzin Ling in Junction City is adding a Ceremony for the Deceased to the upcoming Chenrezig retreat; it will be conducted at 9 a.m. Monday, Dec. 6.

This ritual practice benefits the deceased wherever they may be wandering after death by invoking their consciousness and reducing their fear and suffering through love and compassion.

During the stages of the ceremony, the consciousness of the deceased is given focus, clarity and direction so that the habitual propensities toward unsatisfactory rebirths are purified. Then, by closing the doors to all possible suffering states of samsara, the consciousness is liberated directly into the blissful pure realm of Amitabha. At the conclusion of the ritual, the name-plaque is incinerated, marking the end of their fetters to samsara.

You are invited to submit the names of deceased family, friends or someone with whom you have a connection in order to include them in this ceremony. You may also include their picture or cremation remains. It is customary to include a donation on behalf of the deceased in order for the deceased to have an auspicious interdependence with this ceremony.

* Please send all names and pictures to

* To make a donation, go to and select 'prayers for the deceased' from the dropdown menu.

* Names and pictures must be submitted by Dec. 1.

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