Shannon Plotzke

Cedar Stock owner Shannon Plotzke, center, with diners.

Now that it is getting closer to summer, more and more businesses are opening. I went to the Cedar Stock Restaurant last Saturday with some friends, Gretchen Deichler and Lisa and Mike Binyon. It was the second weekend that Cedar Stock was open, and I have to say that the food was delicious. A local favorite, Jim Phillips, was on hand providing his wonderful music. He’ll be playing there on Fridays and Sundays throughout the summer (and at the Bear’s Breath Bar and Grill at Trinity Alps Resort on Wednesdays and Saturdays).

It was also nice to reacquaint myself with Shannon Plotzke, who has taken over the ownership and management of Cedar Stock. All in all, it was a really nice outing, and we all appreciate another dining option in Trinity County.  

The members of the Lewiston Garden Club met last Wednesday for the first time in 17 months! It was good to see members Kathy Davey (new president), Carol Gustine, Barbara Jud, Kim Malecke, Edith Millan, Carolyn Rhody and Julie Welsch. Guests were Lori Manning, Faith and Abby Wakefield and Bri Wichern.

Kathy Davey presented blackberry vine samples that had an orange rust fungus on them. This can be a serious issue if you have other berry type plants, like purple raspberries. We Googled some additional information and found out the following: “As a systemic disease, once a plant is infected, the infection is present throughout the entire plant for the rest of the plant’s life. Even when symptoms may appear to go away, the plant is still infected and can still spread the disease. The disease is most commonly spread by released spores that are carried on wind or water but can also be spread in the grafting process or by dirty tools. Initial symptoms of orange rust of blackberries are yellow or discolored new growth; spindly, wilted, or sickly appearance of whole plant; and stunted, twisted, or deformed foliage and canes. Waxy blisters may form on the margins and underside of foliage. These blisters eventually turn a bright, shiny orange color as the disease progresses. While orange rust infects blackberries and purple raspberries, it does not infect red raspberry plants. It also rarely results in the death of infected plants; however, it does severely inhibit the fruit production of infected plants. Plants may produce some fruit at first, but eventually they stop producing all flowers and fruit. Once a plant is infected with orange rust, there is no cure but to dig up and destroy infected plants. It is recommended that no black or purple brambles be planted in the same site for at least four years.” So, you might want to check any wild blackberries growing near your gardens.

It’s been pretty hot and even though it might be cooling down today, it promises to be a hot, hot summer. We need to hydrate more, drink more water during these hot days. If you stop getting thirsty, you really need to drink more water. When a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off. This could lead to severe dehydration and death.

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