Hello! I am honored to be in the company of Kelli, Linnea, and Carol for this special Trinity Journal spot.  My sincere thanks to Kelli for the introduction. I am grateful for the opportunity to share news about this beautiful area.

It is wonderful to be back in Trinity County. Although I was raised in Arcata, Trinity County was always my summer home. Enough, though, of the Trinity-style “hazing:” mice, ants, snow, drought, and now … crickets. I have some pretty colorful stories about dealing with these issues. However, anyone who hangs out with the volunteers at the Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire Department knows it’s all in a day. They encourage me to not be such a whiner and to toughen up.

At the top of today’s column is my happy report that Alyse Hazard (formerly of the Trinity Center General Store) is busy getting the Trinity Center library’s collection into shape. While she hopes to extend the library’s hours, that probably will not take place for a while, due to budgetary restrictions. In the meantime, she is working to revitalize the library. I was delighted to hear that after a recent field trip, the Trinity Center school kids now all have their own library cards. Isn’t that great?

Hazard is also planning Story Time at the Coffee Creek Preschool. She is working hard to ensure the Trinity Center Library’s offerings are compatible with local schools’ curricula. She also looks forward to helping home-schooling families. Hazard would love to see all her former store “regulars” over at the library, which is open from noon until 4 p.m. Wednesdays. Dare we dream of a book group, in the future? If you don’t have your library card, she will get you fixed up. If you have any questions, you can reach the library at 266-3242, or drop by.

I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying the cooler temperatures and heartier foods that come with the season, like chili, stews and casseroles. To that end, I checked in with our area supervisor and winemaker Keith Groves of Alpen Cellars. If you have not yet been to the winery, I highly recommend it. The setting is idyllic and it is a friendly, relaxing spot to learn about and taste wines. Although they are now closed for the season, you can call and make an appointment to visit. My question: which of his local wines “hold up” to hearty fall foods? He suggested either their Pinot Noir or Blaufrankisch. In the journalistic spirit of “trust, but verify,” I did my own research to check and can happily confirm his suggestions. Both are available at our beloved Trinity Center General Store. The pinot was perfect with a tri-tip chili.

As Kelli Gant mentioned, you can contact me at my email address, which is mdwalters1878@gmail.com if you have anything you would like me to report about the area. I would also be grateful for home remedies for getting rid of mice and ants, as well as tri-tip recipes.

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