The Golden Age Center will be holding its Annual Meeting at 6 p.m. Sun., Aug. 29. We need the support of the community to show up and vote for our new Board of Directors members.

And so we can have candidates for director to vote for, we need good people to come forward and volunteer to run for our Board of Directors. Please contact Everett Harvey at 510-520-0367, or the Golden Age Center at 623-2324.

The Blue Barn has been doing very well, with donations coming in and our volunteers and staff sorting and shelving. If you haven’t been there for a while, check it out – you will be surprised at the organization. We are open 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

There is a Wild Wed. Sale today! It is the Manager’s Special – check it out!

The Blue Barn needs used or new lumber for badly needed shelving units. Anyone with any lumber just lying around, we can put it to great use. Remember, it is tax-deductible.  

The center is also looking for a covered trailer donation, between 8-12 feet. You can donate the trailer and receive not only grateful thanks, but also a large tax deduction. If you have one not in use, let’s make a deal.

Volunteers are always needed for the Blue Barn operation. You could have fun working with others sorting new merchandise and finding hidden treasures. Join us! Call Annie at 951-463-1919. We would love to see you.  

Did you know you can contribute to the GAC easily using your credit or debit card? Just go to our website at Click on the Donate button at the very top of the home page and follow the easy steps.  

Keep up with our new merchandise and sales promotions – go to our Facebook page, “Blue Barn Thrift Store,” to see pictures of merchandise and information on our specials. It changes every week. Come in and have fun shopping!

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