Dennis and Donna Thorkelson

Dennis and Donna Thorkelson of Lewiston sell their homemade birdhouse trailers and crafts.

Talk about a “Grand Finale” for an event! The deluge of rain that blasted the Old Lewiston Peddlers’ Faire on Saturday was just that. Like the grand finale of the fireworks at the Lewiston Bridge Lighting & Fireworks event, the rain came loud and fast and caused lots of reactions!  People were racing for cover; vendors were trying to protect their wares and some just stood and enjoyed the cooling down. Frankly, afterwards, most people looked like they had been in a wet T-shirt contest — but most had big grins on their faces, too.

Up until then, the 29th Old Lewiston Peddlers’ Faire was just awesome! Thanks to so many community volunteers, the Faire was back! Most of the vendors did really well and had very positive things to say about the event. It was the first time the Lewiston Sparkies managed this event and only Tina Teuscher was a past event coordinator. Traffic was taken care of by Steve Mitchell, Jerry Foster and Jonathan Drakeford. They made it look flawless. They helped get the vendors unloaded as well, which really kept the vehicles moving along.

Volunteers from United Shasta came all the way from Redding to help collect donations for the fire department. Thanks to their efforts and the generosity of Faire goers, the Sparkies raised $2,704 in donations. That will help purchase new turnouts for our men.

Our Trinity County Board of Supervisors granted the use of two large dumpsters, free of charge, to the Sparkies for the Faire. And, boy, did they come in handy. I guess there was a lot of really wet stuff that just became garbage by the end. Thank you, BOS, for that great gift.

Thanks also to those volunteers who had the really dirty job of pulling the full trash bags out of the cans and hauling them to the dumpsters. People still do not know the difference between garbage and recyclables, so some garbage ended up in the recycle cans and some recyclables ended up in the garbage cans. Those Trash Troopers, also known as Lewiston De-Litter bugs, were real champs as diving in and resorting all that stuff. Thanks to John Davies, Sue Risso, Sandy Rechel, Cathy and Jerry Foster, Jessica Cowherd and Dave Korinek, Heidi Tiura and Steph Dutton. Also appreciate the help of Rob Jud and Mel Deardorff for putting the cans out in the first place and to Mel and Will Mason for putting them all away.

A grateful thank you to all of the sponsors to the Faire: Fabtron – Ed Suda & Family, The Lewiston Hotel Bar & Grill, Lewiston Moose Family Center, the Trinity River Lumber Co., IOOF Trinity Lodge No. 299, Lewiston Animal Clinic, Lewiston Mini Mart, the Old Lewiston Inn B&B and to Sierra Nevada Brewery for their donation of beer to the Sparkies to sell. The Faire also appreciates the in-kind support from KIXE.

I could go on and on, but I’m out of room. One last thing; the Lewiston Lions are hosting their Kid’s Fish Free Day event at the Pine Cove boat ramp area, out by Pine Cove Marina, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, June 8. It is open to all kids 12 years old and under. There will be a free hot dog lunch and prizes.

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