Deerlick Springs resort

Deerlick Springs resort  c1930.

150 YEARS AGO | Saturday, Aug. 14, 1869

Balls – Dancing parties are advertised to take place in the different towns in the county as follows: At Thede’s hotel, Canyon City, Friday evening, 13th inst. At Guptil & Maloney’s House, Oregon gulch, on Monday evening, 16th inst. At How & Boger’s Lone-Star hotel, Lewiston, Friday evening, 20th inst. At Gabba’s Junction house (Cochran’s old stand), Weaver creek, Monday evening, 23d inst. At Kellogg’s hotel, Hayfork, Thursday evening, 26th inst. At May and Squire’s Carter house, Junction City, on Tuesday evening, 24th inst. At Leonard’s hotel, Douglas City, Friday evening, 27th inst. At Condon’s Empire hotel, Weaverville, 30th inst.

A Combat with Pistols – We are informed that a pistol fight occurred at Yellow Jacket, on Monday the second instant (August 2, 1869) between two partners in a mining claim, both Frenchmen. As we have it, a dispute arose between them concerning the diggings, which rose to such a pitch that they drew their pistols and began firing upon each other.

Both the parties were wounded, one in the arm, and the other was shot in the side, the ball striking a rib, passing around his body and lodging on the opposite side. Neither is very seriously hurt.

The Big Ditch – The projectors of the much-desired ditch from Stewart’s fork have not been idle, but are now prepared to receive subscriptions for stock. Want of space precludes any extended notice of this enterprise this week.

125 YEARS AGO | Saturday, Aug. 18, 1894

The testimony of Mrs. John Martin, especially “Who is the father of John Bidwell Martin, Jr.” appears in four columns on page one. There is more on the trial on page three, columns 2-6.

Trinity Center News – Mining prospects in this section are very encouraging, and recent discoveries both in placer and quartz are being steadily developed. Among the latest strikes in quartz was that made by Wm. Vollmers and G.W. Doty on the East Fork, about eight miles from the center.

Coumbs’ Springs is becoming the favorite resort for Trinity people. Several more Weaverville people were there this week to drink the waters and to hunt and fish.

J.J. Campbell of Stockton, a brother-in-law of Dr. W.H. LaBaree, arrived Monday. He traveled the entire distance, over 300 miles, on his bicycle. In company with the doctor and others, he left Wednesday to spend a couple of weeks at Coumbs’ Springs, hunting and fishing.

Bids Wanted – The Cie Fse des Placers Hydrauliques of Junction City are desirous of selling contracts for the execution of work on their Canyon Creek ditch.

100 YEARS AGO | Saturday, Aug. 16, 1919

If you want a boy or girl to board with you and attend high school, communicate with this office.

The first mile of the Redding-Weaverville state highway, from the first named place to the old town of Shasta has been opened to travel.

Father P.J. McCarthy, who is making his headquarters temporarily at Colusa, held mass in Weaverville Wednesday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Fetzer visited relatives and friends at Carrville the latter part of last week and also made a trip to the Coffee creek section. They report the road leading over Scotts mountain in very unsatisfactory condition for automobile travel.

If the Hayfork valley will produce cucumbers three feet long (article on Page one) under the present dry conditions, what would it produce in the way of pumpkins if ample water were furnished?

75 YEARS AGO | Thursday, Aug. 14, 1944

Weekly Weather Report – The maximum temperature was 102 degrees on August 12 for the week of August 9 to 15 according to the report from the Forest Service office. The lowest temperature for the same week was 37 degrees on August 10.

Private Earl Grigsby who has been stationed at Camp Roberts, is visiting his family in Weaverville on a 10-day furlough.

Ray Nachand and Ben Scott of the Burnt Ranch district transacted business in Weaverville early this week. They were returning from a two-week vacation spent at Deer Lick Springs (formerly known as Coumbs’ Springs).

50 YEARS AGO | Thursday, Aug. 13, 1969

Stennett Sheppard announced this week that he will resign from his position as district attorney to accept a position as a trial criminal deputy in San Mateo County. Sheppard said his resignation will be effective Oct. 1.  Sheppard has been practicing law for 29 years with five years out for military service in the ski corps during World War II. He moved to Weaverville in 1947 and was elected district attorney in 1948. He served in that position for 10 years, then quit to establish a private practice in Weaverville and Reding. He ran for the district attorney’s position again in 1966 and took office 1967.

Trinity High School is beginning to move from the old site (Main and Mill Street) to the new school.

25 YEARS AGO | Wednesday, Aug. 11, 1994

The Northern California Emergency Medical Services, Inc. has begun coordinating a program to develop emergency call boxes in urban area to assist commuters in the event of need. The group is also working on a plan to place then in rural areas where it currently takes an average of 25 minutes to reach a phone. In Trinity County the plan is for an adopt-a-call box program.

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