Many times, when I sit down to write this column, I refer to a previous years’ column written during the same week. That way, I can find reminders of activities that went on and see if they are still relevant. I was taken aback when I did that for this column and hit on a column from 2001! That’s 20 years, folks! Yikes. I did take a hiatus for several years while others took on this column. Maybe it’s time for that to happen again. Anyone interested??

So many people use social media these days to either get their information or to share information, that I wonder how many still read our wonderful county newspaper. I think The Trinity Journal is a fair paper and has lots to offer. If you are just a sporadic reader – you only buy a copy now and then, I strongly urge you to get an annual subscription. That way it is delivered right to your mailbox every week. You can find information on how to subscribe in this edition.

Speaking of social media, I saw a post last week from someone looking for a local Lewiston phone number. I responded with the number (I used to be a 411-Information operator, after all), and suggested they pick up a current copy of the Lewiston phone book. These are still available at the Smokehouse Market in Lewiston for just $5. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Last year I wrote that the Lewiston Community Services District has access to a $175,000 recreational grant from the state of California. I asked for community suggestions about what to spend that money on. I received one suggestion. Does anyone else have any suggestions? You can call me or email me with your ideas. Just to warn you, that the $175,000 is NOT enough to create a skate park or a bike park. We’d need to win the Mega Lotto for those!

COVID vaccinations are being given out this month to first responders and essential workers, which is wonderful! Most of the members of the Lewiston Fire Department received their first vaccination last Friday. They will get their second dose in 28 days. It’s so good to know that they are finally getting protected when they respond to medical calls. Hopefully, the rest of us will get vaccinated when it’s our turn. Read the Journal for more information.

In the meanwhile, please continue to wash your hands, wear a mask, and practice social distancing. If we all can do our part, then we all will come through this safely. Thanks.

And, speaking of COVID, the Lewiston Sparkies Board of Officers have decided that it just is not prudent to plan for the Old Lewiston Peddlers’ Faire, always held on the first Saturday in June. The Sparkies board agreed to cancel the 2021 Faire. Past vendors will be notified, and the information will also be posted on the Lewiston Sparkies web site. Hopefully 2022 will be a banner year!

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