When we started this column back in February 2018, our goal was to inform you, the reader, about progress and work being done to help create the 51st state for these United States of America. The name at this time for that new state is Jefferson. That name was first used back in 1941 when four southern Oregon counties and three northern California counties partnered to create the “State of Jefferson.”

According to Mark Baird’s document titled “State of Jefferson 101,” folks from those southern Oregon and northern California counties “blocked the main roads on Tuesdays to hand out leaflets touting the state split and elected a new governor of the new territory. A contest was held to create the new state flag and was won by a high school student who inverted a gold pan and wrote ‘The Great Seal of State of Jefferson.’ In the center were two ‘X’s’ representing the double-cross the people felt they received from Salem and Sacramento. Days before the big statehood split, Pearl Harbor was attacked and the fledgling movement died.”

In 1992, Assemblyman Stan Statham had an advisory question placed on the ballots of 31 Northern California counties and learned that 27 of those counties approved of splitting the state. Unfortunately, both attempts of Assemblyman Statham to get the state split [first time into two states, and second time into three states], failed.

In September 2013, Mark Baird brought a Declaration and Petition for the people of his county before their Board of Supervisors in Siskiyou County and received a vote of 4-1 in favor of the document. The document was addressed to the California state Legislature and specified the reasons why the people wanted to withdraw from the state of California. Lack of representation and dilution of vote were the key issues. Thus, began our current movement to form a smaller state, with adequate representation, common sense government with reduced taxes and regulations, and protection of our liberty, freedom and property rights for this and future generations.

At this time, there are 23 counties with Declarations filed with the California Secretary of State and both houses of the California Legislature. As many of you who follow this column know, attempts made with the state Legislature and with the Judicial System were unsuccessful. That doesn’t mean the people have given up. We knew this would be difficult, especially in this state. Work is still in progress and the people of these 23 counties still believe that California’s form of government is not able to accommodate California’s present size. Realistically, how can 40 Senators represent 40 million-plus people responsibly? How can 80 Assembly Members adequately represent 40 million-plus people? The number of constituents to each Senator is about 1 million and to each Assembly Member about 500,000.  

As mentioned in an earlier article, our state Constitution for Jefferson is ready to go and unlike California’s Constitution of approximately 198 pages, our State of Jefferson Constitution is only 34 pages long. The document was formulated using the best of many constitutions across this country and then with the input, additions, revisions, etc. of the representatives from all 23 counties via our Constitution Convocations. The document is the result of many years work and is the foundation for the new State of Jefferson. As with all constitutions, it will be open to amendments as deemed necessary.

Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States Action, asked “Who gets to decide what is best for you and your family? Should you have the power to decide?” The Founding Fathers gave the answer when they drafted our Constitution … “We the People” should decide. Many decisions are being made today by our government … local, state, and federal without the input of the people. We need to be involved citizens and be in communication with our representatives whether they be school board members, Board of Supervisors, state or federal legislators, or others. It’s a must that our decisions be grounded in accurate and verifiable information.

There are currently many issues before us which we must investigate and then take the best position.  What about Critical Race Theory in our schools, workplaces, military, etc.? What about the unlawful migration into our country? What about our God-given Natural Rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? What about the Bill of Rights and the infringement on these rights that we’re witnessing from our own government?  

We get the government that we elect. It’s important that we exercise our right to vote and that we verify that our vote counts. It’s even more important that we know what we’re voting for! This is where knowledge is power. Discuss, debate, research, be open, and after all that, pray for the wisdom to make the best decision.

Thank you for reading these articles over the past 3½ years. Thank you to Journal Publisher Wayne Agner for giving us the opportunity to get our information out to you. The time is still to come for 51 and though we won’t be continuing with these monthly articles, we will continue to work to make the State of Jefferson a reality. The best to each of you!

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Sorry, but the fifty-first state will be Washington, D.C. Fortunately, the state of Jefferson will never be.


The motives of those who would deny the rights of their fellow citizens to self-governance and fair representation need to be considered and investigated. History has illustrated that people who are taxed from afar, have their resources plundered by a distant government, and receive inadequate and unfair representation in the "bargain," become bitter and resentful, and eventually take action to rectify their inequitable situation. Let's hope that such inevitable action is in the form of peaceful, legal, administrative attempts to gain liberty, such as the State of Jefferson movement.

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