Looking around Junction City, it’s easy to see spring is well underway. The Manzanitas are buzzing with bees, the Madrones are heavy with buds of fragrant flowers and fruit trees are bursting with blooms. The brilliant sunny faces of daffodils and spring bulbs are greeting passers-by as we all get busy and shake off the winter blues.

The Chapman family got together and got busy with cleaning up the Junction City Cemetery this past weekend. Family members traveled from as far away as Modoc and Sacramento to visit each other and help clean-up the final resting place of Junction City’s loved ones.

An entirely different get-together two weeks ago at the Planning Commission meeting brought Junction City School children and community members out to voice their concerns around the Smith Pit Mine use permit. Their voices were heard, and the commissioners decided to continue the matter to the April 8 meeting before making a final decision on the matter.

Junction City was quiet and calm as folks celebrated Easter Sunday, with the late evening exception of a kayaker who became stranded across the river from Junction City Campground. Trinity County Sheriff officers responded and located the person. A local property owner quickly gave access to TCSO who found the individual and brought her to safety.

Junction City Fire Jills are getting busy selling raffle tickets for a miter saw and stand. The money they raise from the raffle will be donated to Junction City VFD to help purchase new equipment and protective gear for our firefighters. Tickets are being sold at Merchant’s Mall in Weaverville and at various locations and events around the Junction City-Weaverville area.

North Fork Grange is also busy selling tickets to the annual Scholarship Dinner, which benefits students of Downriver schools seeking to expand their education or learn new technologies or trades as they move into the world beyond high school. Be sure to pick your tickets up today at Junction City Store.

The sense of community we have here in Junction City can sometimes be hard to explain. We might grumble and groan about each other, or even must set firm boundaries when someone steps out of line, but when it comes right down to it, we are there for each other when needed most. I see it everywhere around me. I wanted to give a special shout out to local CHP, Fish & Game, JCVFD and other officers and friends from around the area who came out this weekend to help one of Junction City’s own. It is this spirit of brotherhood and community that helps keep spirits up when the world comes crashing down.

Thank you to all of you who give your time, energy, resources and smiles to making another person’s day just a little better.

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