149 YEARS AGO | Saturday, Sept. 7, 1872

Race – At Junction City, last Saturday, a race came up between the old contestants’ “Buckskin” and “Old Cow” for $50 a side. The judges could not agree as to which was the winning horse and the stakes were withdrawn.

Started – The first stage of the tri-weekly line from Shasta to Callahan’s Ranch arrived at Trinity Center on Wednesday.

First Train – Last Sunday night the first train ran to the town of Redding on the California and Oregon rail. When the train arrived at that place, the citizens brought out the anvils and fired a salute.

Going Away – We find the following in the Cloverdale Bee of August 31st: “Among the prospective accessions to our enterprising population we hear mention with pleasure the name of J.F. Hoadley and family of Lewiston, Trinity County, so well and favorably known in Northern California. Mr. Hoadley is an energetic go-ahead ‘live man’ and we trust that when he and his family settle among us, they will be warmly welcomed by the citizens of Cloverdale.”

Getting Ready – Several of the companies in Weaverville Basin have already commenced cutting bedrock and fixing their claims in shape for next Winter.

125 YEARS AGO | Saturday, Sept. 5, 1896

“When Trinity Was Young,” by David E. Gordon, appears on page one. Gordon tells about Captain Messic and the Volunteer Muster roll of March 1859. Gordon concluded with, “In the winter of 1858-59 for the first time, several enterprising citizens of Weaverville cut and stored a large supply of ice on the little lake which surmounts the summit of Bally Mountain. From thence it was packed to town over a zig-zag trail which would almost puzzle a squirrel to follow. It sold readily at a good price.”

It commenced raining about 12 o’clock Saturday night and rained all day Sunday. It was a generous downpour and succeeded in laying the dust and putting out mountain fires. The fall amounted to 0.90 of an inch, making a total to date 0.99.

The Catholic Church and Presbytery burned last Saturday. A strong wind was blowing at the time and burning cinders were carried in all directions. A number of fires started but were extinguished before making headway. It was intensely hot, and trees and grass were burning all around. The wooden fences and monuments in the graveyard burned. The church burned for about an hour. Nearly all the movable property was saved from the church and residence, but was considerably damaged. There was no insurance. The church was built in 1859. It was a handsome structure and was an ornament to the town.

100 YEARS AGO | Saturday, Sept. 3, 1921

Trinity County Fair, Hayfork, California, September 20-22, 1921. Exhibits of Livestock, Farm Products, Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Minerals, all kinds of Needlework, and other interesting articles of Trinity County’s resources are desired and will be shown in the exhibit building. Horse-racing, Bucking Bronchos, Baseball Games, Moving Pictures, and Dancing. Pageant of Trinity County’s History. (advertisement, page one.)

Progress is being made on the Congregational Church building at Hayfork. The walls of the structure are up and the roof is being put on. The building will be ready for use when the county fair opens on the 20th.

Mrs. C.W. Spratt, of Douglas City, who has been in poor health for some time, was taken to Sacramento the latter part of last week for medical treatment, her sister, Mrs. C.W. Bremer, and her son, S.T. Spratt, making the trip with her.

Farmers at Hayfork are threshing now. Plums, pears, and apples are ripe, and housewives are busy canning.

A few days ago, an aeroplane circled Hayfork valley inspecting the fairgrounds.

75 YEARS AGO | Thursday, Sept. 5, 1946

The Weather – average high 84; average low 43; rainfall for the season 0.89 of an inch.

On September 7, the Native Sons and Native Daughters of the Golden West will sponsor a chance to celebrate the anniversary of the admittance of California into the Union. The proceeds of this affair will be given over to the Homeless Children’s Fund to help carry on the task of placing orphan children in suitable homes, where they may enjoy the same comforts and privileges as those more fortunate.

Joe Polinski, a longtime resident of the Denny section, has moved down from his claim on the upper New River to spend the winter on the McDaniel ranch. Joe is a disabled veteran of World War I, and has been packing in seven miles to his claim. The doctors have recommended that he discontinue this hardship for the winter, at least, so he has moved down onto the highway. He hopes to return to his claim in the spring.

The R and G lumber company has opened operations at Trinity Center, cutting 18,000 feet of lumber per day. Byrd and Ellis Rogers of O’Brien and Ray Glassburn of Weaverville operate the business. Lumber is rough cut and shipped to Redding by truck.

50 YEARS AGO | Thursday, Sept. 9, 1971

Mrs. Anna Morris of Weaverville celebrated her 100th birthday Sept. 3. Mrs. Morris was born in Marletta, Ohio, in 1871. She came to California in 1889 when she was 18 years old and went to work for a newspaper in Fresno. She lived in Los Angeles after she was married. Her husband died 45 years ago. She lives with her daughter, Mrs. Ruth Alley, on East Weaver Creek. She has three grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren. Her only son died four years ago. She says keeping an active mind is the secret of long life.

The Weather – average high 93; average low 47; rain for the season 0.00.

Pictured on page 7 is Trinity County’s delegation that attended the 4-H Club State Leadership Conference in Davis Aug. 9-13. Those pictured are Mrs. Millie LeeLewis, Rene Miller, Al Myers, Carol Bradley, Mrs. Florence Myers, John Wright, Mrs. Mary Borden, Gary Varrella, Donna Spear, Ramona LeeLewis.

Now Open, The Brewery. Beer, Wine, Sandwiches, Chicken. Orders to Go. 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

25 YEARS AGO | Wednesday, Sept. 4, 1996

Weather for the week ending Sept. 3 shows the average high temperature of 97 degrees and the average low of 49. The rain total to date is 0.73 of an inch and the lake is at 76.9 percent of capacity. Last year the averages were 92 degrees and 43 degrees with rain total of 0.86 of an inch. The lake was 82.7 percent.

Pictured on page 9 are the owner of the new Burger King and the local managers. Joe Wong of Redding owns 10 Burger King locations, and has chosen Kathleen Manning, Racquel Keith and Connie Fontaine as his managers at the local store, which opened last Saturday.

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