I see signs of spring everywhere: daffodils blooming, flocks of robins, burn piles.... More on that later.  TCVFD Engine 1123 was delighted to chauffeur the  Easter Bunny to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Trinity Center Elementary School. The Trinity Lake Lions organized a fun event with lots of kids (and parents) having a grand time on a lovely spring day.

We have more good news on construction of the new TCVFD fire station. The contractor has received the Notice to Proceed, which starts a 180-day timeclock for completion. The state Office of Emergency Services has just awarded a $20,000 grant for the installation of a generator at the new apparatus building. The old 10 Kw generator, originally installed in 1998, will be replaced by a 30 Kw generator that will serve both the current station and new apparatus building.

What’s the saying? If you build it they will come? Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department may have a new apparatus building with room for bigger, newer equipment, but few volunteers to operate them.  The VFD is currently at minimal staffing levels. We need both fire and medical responders. We’re looking for folks who want to help their community and learn new skills. If you’re interested, come to the TCVFD fire station at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 8, or 2 p.m. Sunday, April 11, for a tour and Q&A. Or call Carol Fall at 623-7155. You can sign up to be a fire or medical responder or both. Training is on Wednesday evenings. In addition, the VFD may pay for specialized training such as an EMT, ambulance driver or fire engine driver/operator. If you’re exploring careers, the VFD is a great place to get an education and experience.

Please note that burn piles require a permit from the North Coast Air Quality Management District (www.ncuaqmd.org). If you’re burning dried vegetative material (no trash) with a residence onsite, you may qualify for a Standard Permit. The pile must be less than 4 feet in diameter. Clear around the pile, have an adult with water and shovel in attendance, and avoid windy days. Burn only on Permissive Burn Days. Given our dry, dry winter, be very cautious. Get a permit and follow the rules. Escaped burn piles have already ignited vegetation fires in other parts of Trinity County.

The Spring Clean-up of the trail at Bowerman Barn is scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday, April 10. Bring rakes and gloves. It should only take an hour or so to remove pine needles and winter debris from the trail and cemetery. There will be another workday in May to weed whack around the Barn.

Lastly, The Coffee Creek Store will not be opening this year. It has been an important part of the community and we will miss it. On a positive note, the Yellow Jacket Eatery is planning to open sometime in May. Woohoo!

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