As I write this, it is snowing outside, and it’s May 8! Hopefully when you read this May 11 or later, the weather will have improved. I feel like we had a mild winter, a lovely spring, brief dab of summer, then, whoops, back to winter! For all of you impatient early birds who couldn’t wait to plant your gardens, I hope they managed to make it through this whirlwind of seasonal changes. There is a reason that locals don’t plant until after Memorial Day.

The weather kept many people away from last Saturday’s Wildfire Preparedness Day at the Highland Art Center meadow in Weaverville. The event was top-notch, with some great speakers and lots of wonderful materials on how to keep yourself and your property fire safe. Much appreciation to Lewiston Sparkies President Annabel Myers and Secretary Patti Ryan for helping me to set up our GET READY TO GO booth featuring what you need to have ready in case you have only minutes to leave. Fire season is practically year-round now, especially with these crazy winds that dry everything and can carry fires for miles. If you did not attend, please just Google FIRE GRAB BAGS and you’ll find all sorts of great information about how to be prepared. Or email me for lists of what you need to grab. My list is taped inside a cupboard by the back door … you know … just in case.

Several friends and I enjoyed a delicious Mother’s Day brunch at the Lewiston Moose Family Center. Many thanks to the men who cooked for all of us ladies. The chefs were Dave Rhody, John Littrell and Mike Unterbrink, with President Stan White waiting tables. If you are not a member of the Moose, you might want to think about joining this organization. Not only do they do a lot of good for our community, but you also get to enjoy delicious meals, too! You can call them at 530-778-3877 for more information.

There is a Candidates Night this Thursday, May 12, at the Lewiston Community Center from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The two candidates for District 1 supervisor will be on hand — current Sup. Keith Groves from Trinity Center and candidate Ric Leutwyler from Lewiston. Sheriff Tim Saxon and candidate Jayme Bayley are also expected to attend. This is where you can ask their plans for the future and get a feeling for who you want to represent you.

Parents, if you have kindergarten-age children and want to get them enrolled in Lewiston’s Kindergarten program, you can get enrollment packets starting at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 17, at the Lewiston Elementary School, or contact the school at 530-778-3984.

Just a little over three weeks left before the 30th Peddlers’ Faire on June 4. Vendors are still being accepted. You can find information at or call Tina Teuscher at 530-227-1351 for information. And, if you could possibly help collect donations for a few hours at the entrances, let me know. This involves mostly sitting. All the donations will go to purchase new turnouts for our firefighters. Our five new volunteers need pants, jackets, boots, etc.  These items cost more than $2,500 for a set!  Raising money from donations is easy — please consider helping for just a few hours.

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