Lewiston Litter sign

 The sign off Highway 299 and Trinity Dam Boulevard, was vandalized by ‘jerks’ as they made clear by underlining that word on the sign itself.

There will be another COVID-19 vaccination clinic this Saturday at the Lewiston Fire Station starting at 9 a.m. They carry all three vaccines, so you can get your second vaccination of either the Moderna or Pfizer, or just the one vaccination of the J&J. No boosters are being given at this time. They also offer the 15-minute Covid testing. This is especially useful, even for the vaccinated, if you are going to an event, or out of town. It gives you a benchmark for your status as of that date. Everything is FREE!

Due to COVID cases on the rise, several Halloween events are scaled back. The Lewiston Moose Family Center will be hosting a Pumpkin Patch event from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 23, behind the Moose Lodge. Mary Nixon, senior regent of the Women of the Moose, says that all kids will receive a pumpkin and a bag of goodies. Please be sure to wear your masks when attending.

The Lewiston Community Church invites you to its 2nd annual TRUNK or TREAT from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Halloween, Sunday, Oct. 31, at the Lewiston Community Park Pavilion. The pavilion is located between Fremont Street and Trinity Vista in Lewiston. There will be car to car trunk or treating with candy, hot dogs and games. Come and join the fun. For more information contact Colleen Thompson 707-834-3437.

There is just six weeks before Thanksgiving and the Lewiston Bridge Lighting & Fireworks!  Yep, the Lewiston Sparkies met this past Monday and decided to continue with their plans to have the event. Because of a lack of fundraisers, they really need your donations! Information will be sent this week via the Lewiston Happenings emails, as well as posting on Facebook how you can be a sponsor or just donate. Vendors will all be outside because they do not want groups of people mingling indoors without masks. Vendor information can be found on the Lewiston Sparkies website at www.lewistonsparkies.com. Donations can also be made on the webpage via PayPal.

A community meeting is planned for 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 24, at the Lewiston Community Center for anyone interested in helping with this event. It takes a village, people, to make this happen. There is a job for everyone who is interested. Please come and see how you can help … or offer ideas … and stay for refreshments.

I’ve had a few calls wondering about the Lewiston De-Litter signs that are now missing. The two back-to-back ones in front of the Community Church were removed by the pastor and those will be put elsewhere. The sign off Highway 299 and Trinity Dam Boulevard, was vandalized by ‘jerks’ as they made clear by underlining that word on the sign itself. Sadly, our roads in and out of Lewiston are more and more littered. Then the same jerks who strew litter are the ones who destroyed the sign. It’s sad that we have these people living here — people with no regard for the beauty of this area, no regard for the work of others, no regard for themselves — self-admitted jerks. Just have one thing to say to them — Karma, baby, Karma!

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