Wildlife biologists from U.S. Forest Service recently completed the mid-winter bald eagle count for Trinity and Lewiston Lakes. Ninety eagles were counted on Trinity Lake and 17 on Lewiston Lake. The counts are considered to be above average.  

January through July is bald eagle nesting season. Once the eggs are laid, the incubation period is about 35 days. Both adults share incubation duties with the female doing most sitting on the eggs. Once hatched, the babies stay in the nest for 12 weeks before they fly on their own.  The forest service reminds eagle observers that state and federal laws protect bald eagles and their nesting sites.  Please enjoy them from a distance and respect the nesting areas. There are many areas to see the eagles on Trinity Lake, including the north end of the lake near the tailing piles, East Fork and Stuart’s Fork. Pack a picnic, and enjoy an eagle watching adventure!

Members of the Trinity Center and Coffee Creek volunteer fire departments received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine last week. This helps keep our volunteers protected from additional exposure when responding to medical calls. I’ve heard some residents have received both doses already, too.

COVID Vaccination Point of Distribution Site (PODS) are scheduled for Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th in Weaverville. According to the Trinity County website, another PODS will be on Friday, Feb. 26. Registration can be done online at trinitycounty.org or by calling the vaccine line at 623-8235. If you call, leave your name and phone number.  Someone will call back to assist with registration. Also, if you are feeling under the weather, it is still important to get a COVID test.

Staying on the topic of the fire departments, volunteers are needed for both departments.  Trainings are held on Wednesdays at alternating fire halls. Anyone interested should check with one of the current volunteers for scheduling.

This time of year we start paying close attention to the lake inflows, snow surveys and the snow pack in the Alps. The recent rains at lake level have brought snow to 5,000 feet and higher. As of Sunday evening, the sensor at Shimmy Lake (6,400 feet) was showing about 65 inches of snow.  

I’m not sure of the percent of average for this time of year, but it seems a bit low (other basin snowpack measurements are running roughly 89 percent of average for this time of year). Let’s hope for a miracle March to put us in the above average category so our lake will fill nicely later in the spring.

The real estate market remains hot in Trinity County. Glancing at the multiple listings, there are about 26 active listings with several being under contract. It is a bittersweet time with some friends and neighbors closing their Trinity chapter and moving on to new adventures, but it also gives an opportunity to meet new friends and build new relationships. For old friends, it’s not goodbye, but see you later. We all know the beauty of Trinity can’t keep folks away for long.

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