Music and tales at Northern Delights

Too often we pigeonhole people, we only think of them in whatever role we meet in. But when we take time to really listen to them we learn they are multifaceted, often in some marvelous ways.

As the old Chinese aphorism points out, when a person dies, a whole library goes with them. On Wednesday, Aug. 21, from 7 to 9 p.m. the Hayfork Cooperative will take time to listen to our server, Dorella Nolan, and our soundman, Jeff Clarke, and be delightfully surprised to learn more about who they are and to witness some of their talents. Attendees will meet them at our usual place, Northern Delights Coffeehouse on 7091 Highway 3 in downtown Hayfork that the owners, the Lanzisera family, generously let the Cooperative use for free.

Nolan appreciates and finds our programs interesting and so requests to be on-duty during our programs. Clarke, who volunteers his time, runs the sound-board and gets the odds and ends of set-up and break-down done almost before one realizes it is time to do those chores.

We will hear tales about some of Nolan’s and Clarkes’ experiences in Hayfork. Nolan will sing to us and do amazing impersonations of famous singers. She will be accompanied by Clarke on guitar throughout her presentations. Clarke is a fine musician. Stalwart, he has learned to continue playing despite having to overcome some newly developed physical problems. Nolan will also uplift us with some of her heartfelt poems. Additionally, she will tell about and show us some of her mountain art drawings, which she made for her grandchildren to teach and show them about her life here.  

So do come to know these good community members more — these essential participants in the Hayfork Cooperative — and be entertained by them with a fun and uplifting evening. Their presentation is free and open to all.

Lewiston Pinochle Club results

The Lewiston Traveling Pinochle Club met on Thursday, Aug. 8, at the home of Carolyn Rhody. Winners were Betty Westerby, first; Bob Mordecai, second; and Gloria Jackson won the Double Pinochle Prize. The club will meet next at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 22, at the home of Betty Westerby.

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