Lewiston Congregational Church

Lewiston Congregational Church restoration efforts are underway with rotted wood being replaced.

The 126-year-old Lewiston Congregational Church preservation project continues in Lewiston. As the contractor, Travis Christensen of High Alps Construction, and his crew diligently work to make the building secure, more issues are found.

When the crew climbed inside the old steeple, they found the internal framing was completely rotted out and had to be totally replaced. The exterior metal flashing was rotted through and had caused water to rot out the flashing, the steeple soffits and some damage to interior walls. All that had to be fixed.

The stove pipe that was left in place after the wood stove was removed back in the 1960s had no seals left. They had aged out or were pecked apart by the woodpeckers. Leaks caused major floor damage and that now needs to be repaired so critters don’t climb into the church. Enough funds have been raised to cover the initial work, but additional funds are needed for these newly found issues. Tax-deductible donations can be mailed to the Lewiston Community Services District (checks to LCSD), P.O. Box 164, Lewiston, CA 96052; via PayPal at oldlewistonchurch@gmail.com; or at GoFundMe www.gofundme.com/f/help-save-the-old-lewiston-congregational-church.

If you can’t donate to the project, maybe you could donate some time. The church needs a French drain dug and installed. Funds are available for the materials, but labor needs to be donated. Or could you help move the old pews/benches to another location, clean and wash them? Contact Katie Quinn at mskatiequinn@gmail.com or 530-949-0075 for more information or to donate your services.

Several local artists — including Evelyn Ward, Terri Hazeleur, Maria Cargill, Amy McComb and Hannah Heinrici — are donating their time and talents to faux paint the six windows that are boarded up, due to vandalism, and make then look like real windows. Their plan is to work as a cohesive team and have the work done by the Peddlers’ Faire on June 4. Very exciting.

It’s a community effort, with monetary donations, donated labor, creative projects that are helping to make the historical icon of Lewiston secure again. An additional $100,000 would make it able to be used for weddings, gatherings, etc. Anyone want to write that check?

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