Details for Escrow No. 62034 NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF BULK SALE (Notice

Escrow No. 62034 NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF BULK SALE (Notice pursuant to UCC Sec.6105) Notice is hereby given that a bulk sale is about to be made. The name(s) and business address of the seller are: Eric Johnson 22517 Hyampom Rd Hyampom, CA 96046 Doing business as: Brews and Screws All other business name(s) and address(es) used by the seller(s) within the past three years, as stated by the seller(s), are: The location in California of the chief executive office of the seller is: PO Box 12 Hyampom, CA 96046 The name(s) and business address of the buyer(s) are: Eric F. Schiros PO Box 216 Hyampom, CA 96046 The assets being sold are generally described as: All stock in trade, furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory and goodwill of that certain business known as Brews and Screws and are located at: 22517 Hyampom, CA 96046 The bulk transfer is to be consummated at the office of: Trinity County Title Company 501 Main Street Weaverville, CA 96093 and the anticipated sale date is October 6, 2020. The bulk sale is subject to California Uniform Commercial Code Section 6106.2. The name and address of the person with whom claims may be filed is: Trinity County Title Company P.O. Box 160/501 Main Street Weaverville, CA 96093 And the last day for filing claims by any creditor shall be, September 21, 2020 which is the business day before the anticipated sale date specified above. Dated: /s/ Eric F. Schiros September 16, 2020


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