Red House

Andrew Lucas will be managing the Red House when it re-opens. His mother, Jennifer Aho and her husband Mark purchased the Red House which had closed.

Jennifer Aho was saddened when the Red House in Weaverville closed a few months ago.

In fact, she missed the coffee house so much that she and her husband Mark decided to buy the place and re-open it.

“When they closed the doors it was so sad,” said Aho, who works just steps away as an insurance agent. “It was just really hard to watch it go dark.”

The Red House is located at 86 South Miner Street, near the Weaverville Post Office.

It closed four months ago but will soon re-open with its offerings of coffees, lattes, blended drinks, fruit smoothies, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, salads, pastries and other goodies. The popular Mister Biscuit and health bars will be back.

Equipment upgrades and some remodeling have been under way. An ADA compliant bar is being put in, and the kitchen is being expanded. But big menu changes are not in the works.

“We want it to feel like they’re coming home,” Aho said.

Aho is keeping her job as an insurance agent. The coffee house is to be managed by her son, Andrew Lucas, who returned from Santa Rosa to take the opportunity.

Aho expressed her gratitude for the Thompson family – Steve and Melody who transformed the rundown building and started the business and Carie and Stewart who have run it the last few years. Their help with training and sharing of recipes has helped immensely, she said.

Lucas, who grew up here, is glad to move back to the area. After the initial shock when his mom called with, “Hey, so I bought the Red House. Do you want to run it?” he jumped at the chance.

Lucas said he likes the bohemian atmosphere of a coffee shop and “I missed the mountains and all my friends here.”

He said he’s “new to coffee,” but he’s been practicing and he already whips up a great caramel latte.

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