The Nugget restaurant on Main Street in Weaverville has been a mainstay for several generations of Weaverville residents. Open seven days a week, always keeping regular hours, the restaurant is consistently available for a good home-cooked meal, made from scratch.   

The Nugget was always a place you could enjoy a meal and then sit for a while. You were never asked to leave until you were ready.

Since COVID some things have changed, temporarily. The restaurant was closed from March 20 to June. The Nugget has many regulars, both in town and out of town, who are happy to see the Nugget once again open. With limited outdoor seating due to social distancing requirements, you can still enjoy a home-cooked meal, but you will be asked to not linger, as there will be people waiting.  

The hours have changed some, but the Nugget is still open from 6 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. And they’re still serving their Friday clam chowder and fish, although they have had to cut back on other specials.  

Sunny has owned the Nugget for 25 years. Before that, she was a waitress in the Nugget and a couple of other restaurants in town for 17 years. There has been a restaurant business in that location since probably in the 1930s. Some notables were Alwards Ice Cream shop, Luella’s, Babe’s Beanery, and Bob’s Café.  

Sunny has tried to keep the atmosphere of the Nugget the same, even with some changes, including the outside deck. The restaurant is up for sale, and Sunny has her retirement planned, however COVID has slowed that process down. Sunny maintains strict COVID cleanliness standards in her restaurant, and looks forward to a better 2021. She hopes to have her 25th year celebration, which was due this year in May.  

Call the Nugget at 623-6749.

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Business spotlight is a contribution from the Weaverville Chamber of Commerce as businesses rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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