The pending sale of Owens pharmacies to CVS has Owens customers in Trinity County who use services like home delivery of medications in limbo, receiving mixed messages regarding what they can expect.

Meanwhile, the change is coming fast. While the entire sale is expected to be complete in late September, the Weaverville Owens location will likely close earlier than that at the end of August, an Owens representative told the Journal earlier.

The Journal also has had difficulty getting clarification regarding CVS’s medication delivery program. In response to an email asking, “Will CVS have a prescription drug delivery service?” CVS Public Relations Manager Stephanie Cunha responded, “yes, we will continue to offer prescription drug service.”

She did not respond to a call and email for clarification regarding delivery.

An Owens spokesperson has since sent the Journal a flier provided by CVS for Owens customers stating that Owens customers can enroll in delivery with CVS Pharmacy by calling 530-221-5575. However, staff at the CVS in Weaverville told the Journal that home delivery is not currently available in Trinity County, and they are working to set up post office delivery of non-narcotic medication.

One Hayfork resident, Cherie DeBevoise, said she was told CVS would have her medication sent to the post office. DeBevoise said she could have managed this but she knows elderly people who really need the home delivery.

Upset over previous experiences with CVS, she’s decided to go with an online delivery service for her medications.

The change will also affect veterans with Tricare insurance, apparently.

Ronald Ward of Lewiston said he went to transfer from Owens to CVS after finding out about the sale only to find out that CVS doesn’t bill Tricare.

“The major portion of my drugs are paid by Tricare,” Ward said, adding that now he will be driving to Redding to get his prescriptions.

He’s made a complaint which he was told will be forwarded to the national CVS offices.

CVS used to be part of the Tricare pharmacy network, but that changed in 2016. The Military Times reported at the time that Tricare beneficiaries using CVS would have to pay the cost of their medication up front and file a claim with Tricare for partial reimbursement.

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