The Mountain Communities Healthcare District showed a net gain in 2018 of $630,000, according to audited financial statements from the district.

It was not as high as the 2017 gain of $1.4 million, but at the last MCHD board meeting CPA Jerrel Tucker of JWT & Associates said the district is “still in good financial position.”

The district received an “unqualified opinion” from the accounting firm that found that the district’s financial statements for 2017 and 2018 were presented fairly and in conformity with general accounting rules.

For 2018, the district showed operating revenue of approximately $18.1 million and expenses of $17.2 million. With non-operating revenue and expenses factored in, the district came out $630,000 ahead.

At their June 24 meeting MCHD directors decided that the district finances were improved enough to skip collection of the fourth round of the tax which would have been billed later this year. However, they left the door open to collect the final round of the five-year tax if needed.

For 2018, labor and benefits were the district’s highest expense at $9.6 million. The district wound up 2018 with 157 employees.

On the positive side, net patient revenue increased from 2017 to 2018 by almost $1.7 million due to recertification of the Skilled Nursing Facility and increased use of Trinity Hospital’s swing bed program which allows patients to stay in the hospital a little longer.

However, operating expenses were up 9 percent primarily due to an increase in emergency room physician costs, salaries and benefits as well as inflation.

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