Fall semester orientation for The Trade School at Shasta Builders’ Exchange is set for Wednesday, July 17. Journeymen in the trades average about $54,000 a year. For those who are interested in the construction trades, the Trade School is offering long-term courses in plumbing and electrical. The first semester core class gets you started as a laborer, helper or trainee.

Orientation will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.; register at www.thetradeschool.org/events. Fall enrollment is contingent on attending orientation.

During the evening students will learn about the state’s requirements for this approved program, as well as the school’s requirements, and the students’ responsibilities. Information regarding books, scholarships and job assistance will also be covered. For those who wish to register for classes that evening, bring a deposit of $235, your diploma/GED, and for veterans your DD214.

Courses are held in the evening, allowing students to work during the day putting their new knowledge to work for them in the field. Courses are by semester, running 18 weeks in length. The program of study is a hybrid program. Students meet one week and do their long-distance learning on the computer the following week.

The classes are open to trades people from the Oregon border to Sacramento, and from the coast to Reno, Nev. So, whether you’re in Trinity County, Eureka, Yreka or Chico you can still achieve your goals with this commuter program.

The classes are held at the Trade School at Shasta Builders’ Exchange, 5800 Airport Road, Suite C, Redding, inside the Frozen Gourmet Building. The goal of the Trade School at SBE is to train the workforce for the many infrastructure and building projects in California.

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