A new business in Weaverville combines several passions under one storefront and a welcoming outdoor garden where owner Amber Carman and life partner Jordan Kasper are promoting health and well-being one way or another.

The Water Bar, located at 100 Nugget Lane, sells ionized drinking water linked to many health benefits and oxidized acidic water for a wide variety of other household purposes including cleaning and disinfecting. At the same location, Carman and Kasper also operate Trinity Rak-N-Yak, providing bicycle and kayak rentals/shuttle services.

The Water Bar runs tap water through a Kangen electrolysis machine consisting of a series of platinum plates that alkalize, ionize and oxygenate the water.

“We restructure the water into molecular hydrogen that oxygenates your body and creates an anti-oxidant environment where disease cannot thrive,” Carman said.

It also tastes great with no trace of chlorine, removed in the filtration process, and is available at various levels of alkalinity along with a detailed menu of what each Ph level is best used for. Organic teas and fruit-infused, shaved ices are also for sale, using all-natural ingredients “because you can’t be putting bad stuff into good water,” Carman said.

“The environment in the Water Bar is all about wellness. We’re refilling bottles instead of throwing away plastic. We offer lead-free glass and BPA-free plastic bottles and refill any you buy or bring in,” she said, displaying an array of bottle types and sizes to choose from ranging from artistic to utilitarian. Water crocks and stands are also for sale, and for a nominal fee, convenient deliveries can be arranged.

Carman believes “America is dehydrated. Your body is 75 percent water and healthy hydration can fend off many diseases. We promote self-healing. People are dealing with a lot of health problems, but we can do what we can to help them detoxify and feel better.”

Beyond the water, there is an outdoor garden patio area where vegetables are growing and water fountains provide a soothing retreat where visitors are welcome to bring their lunch and read a book. Future plans include a performing stage in an alcohol- and smoke-free, family-friendly venue where Carman said “we want the whole community to feel welcome to come hear music, enjoy live events and hold birthday parties. This fall, we want to have a fire-pit and family s’mores nights with a movie screen.”

Carman was raised in Weaverville but lived in other places while earning a degree in education, working in sales/customer service and as an information specialist for the U.S. Forest Service “which is another really big passion for me — outdoor recreation. We have such a great area here.”

Hence, the idea for bike and kayak rentals to help share Trinity County’s natural beauty was conceived. Trinity Rak-N-Yak provides a variety of bikes for rent including mountain bikes for trails, beach cruisers for around town and BMX bikes to ride at Lowden Park’s new pump track facilities. Bike rack rentals are also available to haul the bikes to trails out of town.

Kayaks are available to rent for lake use, along with racks or delivery to out-of-town locations, and shuttle services can be arranged.

The business is open on weekends, including Sundays. Hours are Thursday through Monday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The business phone is 515-1181; email is trinityraknyak@gmail.com.


In the original feature above on The Water Bar, it stated Amber Carman has a business partner. She does not; she is the sole individual owner of The Water Bar.The above article has been corrected.

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