Trinity County’s unemployment rate fell for the third straight month in June to 9.8 percent, the second lowest rate in California last month in a world turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic. Trinity routinely has one of the higher unemployment rates in the state.

Unemployment claims due to cutbacks and business closures have skyrocketed in some of the more heavily populated areas of the state like Los Angeles County that at an unemployment rate of 19.5 percent last month was among the highest, according to preliminary data released last week by the Labor Market Information Division of the Employment Development Department.

At 9.8 percent in June, Trinity County’s unemployment rate was down from 10.7 percent in May and 12.7 percent in April. Last year, the county’s rate in June was at just 4.8 percent.

California’s unemployment rate last month averaged 15.1 percent and the national rate was 11.2 percent. Both were also down for the third straight month from 16.2 percent statewide in April and 14.4 percent nationally. A year ago, the state’s unemployment rate in June was 4.1 percent and the national rate was 3.8 percent.

Trinity County’s total labor force in June numbered 4,500 workers with 440 unemployed. That was an increase from a workforce of 4,270 in May when there were 460 unemployed. In April the county’s workforce numbered 4,340 with 550 unemployed, and in June 2019 the workforce totaled 4,970 with 240 unemployed.

Trinity County ranked second from the top last month with only Lassen County posting a lower unemployment rate of 9.5 percent. Marin County, often in the top spot with the lowest unemployment rate statewide, was tied in third place with Modoc County last month at a rate of 10 percent. Yolo County followed at 10.6 percent.

Imperial County held its usual ranking of 58th with the highest unemployment rate in the state at 27.3 percent. Below it were Mono County (24.7 percent), Alpine County (19.6 percent), Los Angeles County (19.5 percent), and Colusa County (18.3 percent).

The largest increase in jobs in Trinity County last month was in the leisure/hospitality sector that went from 200 jobs in April to 220 in May and 320 in June, a 45.5 percent increase for the month, but a 25.6 percent drop since last year when the sector reported 430 jobs in June.

Other month-to-month increases were in the total nonfarming, private services, trade/transportation/utilities and federal government sectors. All others were unchanged from the previous month.

Compared to June 2019 there were job losses in almost every sector including nonfarming, private services, goods production, mining/logging/construction, manufacturing, trade/transportation/utilities, financial activities, leisure/hospitality, federal and local government. Only the educational/health services sector saw a year-over increase in jobs from 290 to 300 (3.4 percent). Total farming and state government sectors saw no year-over change.

This data, as well as other labor market information, are available online at or by calling 916-262-2162.

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