The Red Hill Motel at the west side of Weaverville, just behind the library, is nestled into natural surroundings on almost an acre, giving it a relaxed, country atmosphere.  It is a collection of separate cabin-like motel units, with some joined units and one cottage with separate bedroom and full kitchen. It is pet friendly, with nice outdoor space, which makes it a great place for groups, according to Patty Holder, the proprietor.  

Holder has owned the Red Hill Motel, which originally opened for business in 1948, for 25 years. She describes it as peaceful and charming. She says that a variety of people stay there. Steelhead fishermen give her a good business from September through December. People from the city come for some country relaxation, and currently for a sense of safety from COVID. Some of her favorite people are the motorcycle groups, many of them repeat customers, who Holder describes as always in a good mood, and always respectful.

She moved from San Francisco to buy the Red Hill Motel, and says she will never go back. She loves getting up in the morning and seeing baby deer in the yard, and other wildlife. She loves meeting new people and enjoys the people who stay there. When asked how the COVID affected her business, Patty stated that March, April and May were a bit scary, but that business has picked up since then. She got a lot more business when the U.S. Forest Service opened up the wilderness area for recreation.  

As far as keeping her rooms COVID clean, she states that cleaning and maintenance have always been her biggest priorities. Holder’s vision for the future is to keep things the way they are, and to remain open. Contact the Red Hill Motel at 623-4331.

Business spotlight is a contribution from the Weaverville Chamber of Commerce as businesses rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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