The first trade association of Trinity County’s legal cannabis industry, the Trinity County Agriculture Alliance (TCAA) announced itself this past week to the community, welcoming cannabis professionals and participants to join as members. TCAA represents Trinity County’s cannabis farmers and businesses dedicated to operating responsibly in a regulated industry and practicing environmental land and watershed stewardship.

The organization has prioritized goals of supporting cannabis professionals in Trinity County by enabling and empowering them to achieve success in the regulated California market, promoting Trinity County cannabis by increasing recognition of Trinity County as a source of the world’s highest quality cannabis products and services, fostering sustainability in the industry by providing education and resources to drive responsible environmental stewardship and economic resilience in Trinity County’s regulated cannabis industry, and serving the community by supporting the well-being of the people, organizations and businesses of Trinity County.

“We are eager to work with all stakeholders, local and state government agencies, and members of our community to achieve these important goals and more,” said board president John Brower. “We strive to uphold the Resolution of the Trinity County Board of Supervisors Adopting The Four Principles for Local Regulation of Cannabis, developed in partnership with the citizens and representatives of our county, including many of our organization’s founding members.”

The TCAA board and founding members are comprised of a diverse team of experienced cannabis, marketing, policy and community professionals. Board chair Brower of Junction City is a community development and local policy advocate who has served on the Trinity County Planning Commission and is a cannabis policy consultant with many years of experience; board treasurer Justin Hawkins of Hayfork is an environmentalist, cannabis cultivation and policy expert with more than 20 years of experience whose family moved to Trinity County to be closer to nature; board secretary Julia Rubinic has spent 25 years helping Fortune 500 companies develop and execute marketing strategies, including branding, digital and user experience; Dana Scott of Hayfork, a board vice president, specializes in business development and systems operations with an emphasis on creating positive work environments, founded Hayfork Cannabis Co., a licensed cannabis farm in Hayfork, and Lucky Trail Bistro, and is a director of the Trinity County Fair Board and member of the Hayfork Rotary; Board vice president Karla Avila of Hyampom, a nonprofit organizer and professional musical artist, award-winning farmer and regenerative sustainable agriculture expert, is the co-owner of Flowerdaze Farm, a sustainable family homestead and licensed specialty cannabis farm, and core member and board adviser of the Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival; and board vice president Adrien Keys of Hayfork, an expert community organizer and longtime cannabis farmer, mushroom hunter, nature lover and reluctant policy nerd, is the co-founder of North Country Farms, and also serves on the board of directors of the International Cannabis Farmers Association and the Trinity County Fair and is a member of the Hayfork Rotary and Trinity Trust.

As a member-driven 5019(c)6 nonprofit trade organization, TCAA is accepting members to help shape the future of the regulated cannabis industry in Trinity County. Members may join as entities, individuals or industry participants, with varying levels of benefits, rights and costs. Dues are payable monthly or annually and applicants may express interest by emailing

TCAA will be hosting a meet and greet lunch in conjunction with Down River Consulting, following a regulatory compliance panel discussion entitled “Navigating Bureaucracy for your Cannabis Business Conference” for licensed cannabis businesses, from 9 a.m. to noon Wednesday, Oct. 23, lunch to follow, at the Fairgrounds dining hall in Hayfork. They invite licensed cannabis businesses and prospective members to attend. Contact TCAA for more information at

The Trinity County Agriculture Alliance is dedicated to the advancement of an ethical, sustainable and prosperous cannabis industry for professionals operating legally in Trinity County.

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