Trinity County’s unemployment rate grew to 9.2 percent in March, a 31.3 percent increase over the previous month’s rate of 7.3 percent and a 16.7 percent increase over last year’s rate of 7.8 percent for the same period, according to preliminary data released last week by the Labor Market Information Division of the Employment Development Department.

The EDD indicated that at this time, it cannot yet quantify the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the job market in March, noting it is likely that the rise in unemployment is due to the effects of the illness and efforts to contain the virus. However, the survey period only extends through March 12, predating many coronavirus-related business and school closures that occurred in the second half of the month.

Even so, Trinity County’s number of unemployed workers grew from 320 in February to 420 in March out of a total labor force of 4,490.

State and national unemployment rates also rose in the first half of March. California’s unemployment rate went from 4.3 percent in February to 5.6 percent in March, up from 4.5 percent a year ago. The U.S. unemployment rate grew from 3.8 percent in February to 4.5 percent in March, up from 3.9 percent a year ago.

Trinity County ranked 45th from the top among all 58 California counties in March. San Mateo County was at the top with an unemployment rate of 2.8 percent and Colusa County at the bottom with an unemployment rate of 22.4 percent.

Trinity County experienced job growth over the past year in private services, mining/logging/construction, trade/transportation/utilities and education/health services. Losses occurred over the past year in non-farming, federal/local government and leisure/hospitality. Industry sectors experiencing no change in year-over numbers are total farming, goods production, manufacturing, financial activities and state government.

These data as well as other labor market information can be viewed online at For assistance, call 916-262-2162.

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