Two cottage industries in the midst of a pandemic, Positees by Dani G and EarthDance Gem Art share striking similarities along with important differences.   

Daniel Gidley uses a variety of dyes and fabrics for colorful wearable and usable art. Elizabeth Watson and Pam Yearout enhance Earth’s gemstones to make unique wearable gem art.   

Positees started with the gift of fabric dyes from a friend and mentor. Daniel’s fabric art techniques are learned from his mentor and You-Tube videos. Pam and Elizabeth’s gem art was born on a trip to Tucson’s annual gem show. They learned the art of wire twisting from a book but soon branched out with their own designs.  

Both businesses used art and craft fair venues to promote their art, but Daniel branched out into virtual exposure and sales, via Facebook and Instagram. EarthDance’s popularity and success grew with an ever-expanding venue of art and craft fairs.  

Both businesses have thrived on person to person contact. Pam talks to people about the gemstones and their origins, allowing customers to handle the jewelry. Daniel allows his customers to make their own creations. With the advent of COVID-19 and cancellation of shows, the one on one approach ended for the year.  

Positees became an exclusive online sales business, Daniel finding success with designs he can replicate such as his popular hearts on T-shirts and other products. Both businesses take custom orders.  EarthDance is looking to expand to an online venue, using videos to simulate one on one communication, as Daniel has done with Positees.  

Pam and Elizabeth are doing renovation in their home to create a small gallery, for artists in small groups to share the art experience. Daniel is looking toward intimate workshops in his studio. Find Positees on Facebook and Instagram. Contact EarthDance at 778-3135.

Business spotlight is a contribution from the Weaverville Chamber of Commerce as businesses rebound.

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