Diana and Terry Sheen wrote a letter “Against all-mail voting plan” in the April 29 Trinity Journal. They declare that they are “firmly against Gov. Gavin Newsom’s adoption of an executive order allowing an all-mail ballot election for the Nov. 3, 2020, Presidential Elections.”

They then depart from statement of fact to state their beliefs that this is a Democrat Party push to take away their God-given rights one increment at a time. (the Sheens use “Democrat Party” to cement their credentials as card carrying knee-jerk Republicans. It’s Democratic.)

If there is a god, that God didn’t give you any rights, and the Democratic Party is not pushing to take them away. That is pure poppycock.

They go on to assert that it is well known from newspaper articles, etc., that voting fraud is a common and useful tool.

Oh, Really? What newspaper? What articles? Well known by whom? Oh, and that etc., just what is that? The inference here is that mail-in ballots are easily manipulated, and it is a commonly used method of the Democratic Party to commit voting fraud to alter election results. Again, pure poppycock!

The letter goes on to assert that this is a continuing push to take away our future voting right and the constitutional privilege of honest voting one piece at a time. You guessed it, more poppycock!

If you’re interested, look up incidence of voting fraud in the US. (It’s not an issue!)

Real fraud comes from repeating right-wing think tank talking points falsehoods and innuendo by people like the Sheens.

The truth is, voting by mail is safe, reliable and convenient. It can be verified and audited, as there is a paper trail. I’ve done it for years! The same cannot be said for in-person voting on digital voting machines.

Voting rights are in danger not from mail-in ballots, but from moving or closing polls throughout precincts, from purges of voter rolls, from forcing people to travel far to fewer poling places, and by requiring forms of identification less likely to be used by minorities, stand in long lines, and generally discourage minorities from voting at all! (typically in districts and neighborhoods that tend to vote for more liberal candidates, [read, Democratic]).

Voting by mail empowers voters, it does not enable fraud! But there’s more.

Add to that the insidious push by Republicans to destroy the constitutionally mandated U.S. Postal Service by bankrupting it with unique legislation demanding that it completely fund its pension program in five years, and then deny it funding for operations. The goal being, to sell it off to the highest (private) bidder. All to kill two birds with one stone, kill the largest public employee union, and competition.

We could make participation in democracy easier, and encourage people to participate with universal vote by mail. After all, if everyone were to participate, in person or by mail, we the people could take this government, OUR government, back from the corporations, moneyed interests, and their misinformed and brainwashed shills.

If ever there was a concerted effort to take away voting rights, it is from conservatives, at one time represented by Dixie Democrats, but now entirely represented by conservative judges, legislatures, governors and the current president and the Republican Party.

As demographics change to browner and poorer people whose vote leans toward Democrats, it has become painfully apparent to Republicans that they must somehow suppress voting without seeming to, by shouting fraud where none exists, by closing polls, by purging voter rolls, and by framing the argument with spurious and false claims in letters to the editor in small, conservative local papers.

Though we in Hyampom all vote by mail, always, since our polling place closed  years ago, we vote with no evidence of fraud in any articles in this paper or any others I’ve read. I buy this paper, but I do not buy the poppycock* in the Sheen’s letter.  You shouldn’t either!

*And just so you know, poppycock either comes from a Dutch dialect word for “soft poop,” or from the old Dutch expression zo fijn als gemalen poppekak—literally “as fine as powdered doll’s excrement.”

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Trinity Bob

Mr. Huber,

Thank you for your rational and reasoned response to the Sheens' letter of a few weeks ago.

You have the facts on your side and you present them clearly and logically while naming the real culprits and their real agenda.

It appears the Sheens "have stepped in it" ("it" being the poppycock).

If everyone can and does vote, the government's policies will more closely reflect the true "will of the people."

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