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The release from Lewiston Dam to the Trinity River is increasing for a second spring peak flow. The first peak flow in April was cut short due to an oil leak at the Trinity PowerPlant. Water that was held back due to that incident is now scheduled to be released as part of the second peak. Read more

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As California moves toward regulating the cultivation of industrial hemp, the Trinity County Board of Supervisors last week voted 4-1 to enact an urgency ordinance imposing a temporary ban on the activity based on potential harm it poses to local cannabis producers.

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Frontier Day Opening Prayer and drumming by the Nor Rel Muk Wintu Nation at the Highland Art Center meadow.

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The attorneys for Trinity County and the Trinity Action Association have informed the Trinity Journal that through cooperative negotiations good progress has been made toward settlement of the lawsuit filed by TAA against the county early this year.

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Public scoping sessions were held in four Trinity County communities last week to help identify needed improvements to 10 county and U.S. Forest Service roads providing recreational access to Trinity Alps Wilderness trailheads. 

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Where have the birds, bees, bats, frogs, deer, etc. gone? This year I have seen exactly two honey bees on my ceanothus and lilac flowers. No deer. No robins. Come to think of it, no birds. I pollinated my apple and cherry trees with a small paint brush.

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The Mountain Community Healthcare District is in violation of the California Constitution, section 13C and 13D. 13D gives directions for the public to tax against the people of California (Trinity County). It states in there that the defending government tax can’t be placed upon the people w…

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We recently visited the Nat (San Diego’s Natural History Museum) to see the famous (or infamous to mainstream scientists) Cerutti Mastodon exhibit which proves that humans were living in North America 130,000 years ago. This is only one of 50 current sites across America which claims to push…


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